Chappathi Making Machine

Automatic, Semi-automatic Machines for making Chapathi, Tortila, Roti, Puri, Malabar Pathri & more

Aarbee produces high quality Chapati Making Machines. Our manufactured models are capable of producing specific chapathi making machines for producing ready to eat chapatis, uncooked chapatis, and semi cooked Chapatis.

The Cooked, Semi-Cooked, and Uncooked Chapati Making Machines come in “Fully Automatic” & “Semi-Automatic” variants

Our food machines are: –

Optimised to handle only the needed amount of base dough (wheat flour, rice flour, atta etc.) and enables users produce maximum chapathis, tortillas, rotis, puris, malabar pathris etc. and more.
Highly versatile in practical conditions, an example being that the machines are used especially as tortila making machines in the American continent.

We manufacture the chapati, tortila, roti, and puri making machines in Coimbatore. Our clientele covers the entire globe.

Aarbee’s Chapati making machines are customised and used to fit all kinds of local ingredients. This is best exemplified by the wide variety of foods our machines are used to for manufacturing all around the world. Our chapathi making machines produce Mexican tortillas, Sub continental Rotis, Indian puris, Malabar Pathris, & more.